fairytales 2020


walking tale
Walking Tale

It has always been. 

I didn't know where I was going. 

And it isn't clear why. 

And I found it, I don't remember what. 

I turned around, went back. I'm not sure though. 

It has always been. 

I didn't know where I was going. 


spring fairy tale
Spring fairy tale

One day spring has come. The boy went to see what it was. There he understood everything and didn't want to come back. Next will be summer. 


a tale of benefits
A tale of benefits

Once upon a time there was uncle Lesha. He did something all the time. He dreamt to bring benefit. But he hasn't got any wit. So the shame came alone. If only he could be caught and flogged! 


the tale of the end
The tale of the end

One pal was good. He did good deeds. And everyone poked him into it. And he got a false idea of his own importance. Here the whole story came to an end.


a tale of a dream
A tale of a dream

Once the boy wanted to dream. He dreamed once, twice. He was good at it! 


a tale of appeasement
A tale of appeasement

One day an uncle decided to go away from himself. He went here and there. Travelled all over the world. Visited all the holes in the world. Tried all the herbs and sweets of life. Fell into the very bottom of the ocean. He was lying in the best ditches. Bathed in all the glories of the world. And fell down properly again. Calmed down. Forgive me, me.


the tale of doubt
The tale of doubt

He always woke up early and did not recognize his thoughts. He wondered if it was him who was lying on the bed, and if it was the bed. He looked at it from afar, stared point-blank. He saw everyone, but not himself. He recognized her among all. He ought to get up.


a tale of silence
A tale of silence

Once there was a forest. Living beings lived in it. They felt good there. And now it has become quiet. Woe to us.


a tale about a smile
A tale about a smile

Once I thought why is everything not the way I want it? I asked many people, they say different things, incomplete, funny. I looked closely then. I asked the earth, the water, the sky. But they were perfectly silent and smiled at me. Clear.


a tale about the bottom
A tale about the bottom

Someday my fish will fly. And so far I crawl along the bottom and pick up the crumbs.


the tale of bread
The tale of bread

One day I went to get some bread and accidentally fell asleep. When I woke up, I found hunger and satiety abolished. There was no more need for bread.