how I worked as a watchman

During my life, I have mastered more than one profession. But where I live it is very difficult to find a job. Especially by vocation and skills. A common story. Things did not go well, and I had to go to work as a watchman in a garage cooperative. And I didn’t regret it. Here I found an opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle, to think better, to reflect. And of course I could not resist asking myself: what am I doing here all day? Am I a photographer or not? But what could be interesting here?

I began to peer and discovered quite a few very remarkable things and phenomena. I could talk about garage sunrises and sunsets, twilight light and rainbow reflections on the gate iron. And one more thing.

About a grove near the gatehouse

It got dark, only the main gate was lit. Before reaching it about ten meters, the car stops, turns off the headlights and plunges into darkness. And there's nobody. And silence, only the nightingales sing. I stock up on a heavy iron thing just in case. So I fell asleep with it.

In the morning I jump up – there is no car. And there is only an old blooming apple tree. I go up to a beautiful tree, look around and somehow I understand that a couple of lovers were here last night. In May, there are a lot of such cars here – the scent of blossoming apple trees, nightingales, darkness. "Mine" just did not have enough space, so they stumbled to the gatehouse. And I, a fool, got scared, grabbed the iron thing.


About a man sleeping in a car

– Man, why aren't you going home? Night is coming soon.

– My wife won't let me go home.

– So you would sober up first.

– Okay. Tomorrow. Do you have a snack?

I only found a jar of jam, but the guy was delighted. Heavy music rumbled all night in his garage. Apparently the man was desperately worried. By the morning it was quiet. I went to check if he was breathing. Found the unfortunate man alive and unhealthy. I entrusted him to my shiftman.


About night rounds

Early one morning I found an empty car at the locked main gate. Someone clearly jumped over the fence and climbed into the territory. I took my favorite heavy iron thing and went around. Found one. It turned out that the man was wanted by the tax police, his garage was sealed. He was hiding from everyone, he was even afraid of me. He secretly sneaked in, ripped the seals and took the fishing rods. We talked and laughed. 


From series "How I Was a Watchman". Scanned film. 2016


About my helpers – a cat and a dog

They never wrangled, but when they met, they expressively showed total arrogant disdain for each other. The cat guarded the garages from mice, and the dog barked at strangers.


About mysterious creatures in the bushes

What it was and where it came from is unknown. Maybe the wind blew, maybe the lovers left something. Or maybe it was born itself.


About my shiftman – Uncle Lyosha

He could scratch a dog and a cat behind the ears at the same time. They were jealous of each other for Uncle Lesha.


Tiny events and stories which are countless, meaning nothing. Those that passed as if they did not exist. Who in this vast world noticed them? No one. Oh, okay.

2016. Photographs - scanned film.